Entry #1


2014-12-13 22:34:07 by Curly-Fry

Alrighty so hello out there everyone. I am a college student who would like to get involved with voice acting more (in all different forms) and decided Newgrounds would be a good place to start making some connections and getting more experience under my belt. Games, vids, you name it--if you need any lines then shoot me a message. I have a light portfolio right now (hence the desire to get involved on here), but I will be posting some of my work on here shortly.

Thanks for reading and check back soon!


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2015-04-08 15:23:05

Great vocals.
Hope to se-i mean HEAR you in a few series.
Ha-haa jokes are great, no but seriously , great voice you got there.

Curly-Fry responds:

Thanks man much appreciated!