June 20 Update

2015-06-21 01:40:09 by Curly-Fry

Good news guys! The new mic is in and I'm currently working on content so stay tuned and thank you again for your patience with these technical difficulties! Feel free to message me if you would like info on your project's progress specifically and I'd be happy to let you know :)

For everyone else, thanks for your patience on my lack of posting as well and I look forward to busting out some more asap. Let me know if you have or hear of any projects you'd like me to add to my queue! :)


Curly Fry

Sorry for the Hiatus

2015-06-14 20:13:38 by Curly-Fry

UPDATE: Replacement mic is in and I'm currently working on content please hang in there just a bit longer!


Hey guys apologies to those I've promised voice work for, but I've unfortunately had technical issues that have led to me being without a functional microphone...The bad news is I am kinda stuck for the moment, but the good news is that once I get this issue sorted out I'll be back with a bigger and better microphone (yay!)

So I do sincerely apologize for the inconvenience but I will be back at it shortly!

Thanks for your support guys :)

All the best,

Curly Fry

May 15 Demo Up

2015-05-15 16:51:57 by Curly-Fry

Hey guys! Got a short demo up focusing on AI / "computer" voices. Check it out, and I hope you enjoy!

Update May 2015

2015-05-12 02:22:15 by Curly-Fry

Hey all,

Apologies for the shutdown as far as any interaction with me went during the course of moving, my end-of-semester projects, and finals. Good news is I'm graduated with my Associate's now, I'm all moved in, and I can begin focusing on personal work and projects as summer kicks in! I'll be getting the new demo up asap and hope to be posting even short audio pieces every few days on my Tumblr page (yrfylruc.tumblr.com) depending on how much content I can get my hands on---I'm always open for more suggestions on projects to check out and audition for!

To those whom I have chatted with already about content or auditions, I thank you for your patience as I got my studies out of the way and I look forward to working with you. Feel free to shoot me a PM for updates or details.

Thanks guys!

Curly Fry


2014-12-13 22:34:07 by Curly-Fry

Alrighty so hello out there everyone. I am a college student who would like to get involved with voice acting more (in all different forms) and decided Newgrounds would be a good place to start making some connections and getting more experience under my belt. Games, vids, you name it--if you need any lines then shoot me a message. I have a light portfolio right now (hence the desire to get involved on here), but I will be posting some of my work on here shortly.

Thanks for reading and check back soon!